Day 599

The first day of the new schoolyear is in the books. The boys woke up happy, and despite very little sleep, I did too. Benjamin’s tummy hurt again, but I was ready with Kytril before he even asked. Michael noticed that Benji’s discomfort yesterday began when we started talking about school. He has such a… Continue Reading Day 599

Day 596

Today was a day of processing. I felt tired when I woke up this morning. Exhausted, actually. I was planning to drive to my mom’s house in Winter Park tonight to prepare for her 70th birthday party tomorrow–instead I feel I have no real physical choice in the matter. I need to go to bed.… Continue Reading Day 596

Day 595

The boys both woke up in good moods. We were all together on a workday morning; a rare treat. We took them out for their favorite bagels before we headed over the Skyway. They were happily playing in the backseat as I reviewed my list of questions for the clinical genetics team. When we parked… Continue Reading Day 595