Day 581

day 581

Our bags are packed and our alarms are set. We leave for Camp Highlands in the morning. This will be Benji’s first flight since he was diagnosed. I am so excited.

I had a crazy case of food poisoning I had to get past this morning. I’m so thankful it was over quickly. Benjamin was really thoughtful and kind as he tried to take care of me. He made me so proud.

I felt much better throughout the day, but extremely depleted and tired; perhaps that is why my defenses have been weak against fear. I am staring at Benji’s bruises constantly. Wondering about that platelet number. Knowing I shouldn’t be.

We packed with contingencies in mind, and children’s hospitals on the map to go to just in case. We will always do this, from now on. We also packed our finest in immune supplements. Everyone at the office has been sick this week. We are trying to stave off taking a virus to Wisconsin with us.

Benji’s steroid pulse kicked into a higher gear tonight. It’s making him extremely hungry; he cried waiting for his dinner. He’s also super hyper. The prednisone is working in combination with excitement for our trip, and an unspoken perception that once again, the balance in this house will change. But we are all looking forward to that. To having Banyan home.

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