Day 715/87

It’s 3:45am. Benjamin just vomited every bit of last night’s nourishment from his body. He has abdominal pain he can’t describe. I don’t know anymore if it’s a result of the medicine or if there is fluid trapped in his belly or if something else is wrong, like maybe those polyps have developed and we… Continue Reading Day 715/87

Day 683/55

When Benjamin is in pain, everything seems so much harder. His spleen continued to agonize him throughout the night. It woke him up and made his eyes wide with fear. We both caught patches of sleep between low doses of oral morphine and hot bath after hot bath. The pain radiated into his left shoulder… Continue Reading Day 683/55

Day 634/6

We enjoyed another restful night on the seventh floor. Benjamin woke up in a good mood. We compromised on a schedule for the day upon which we could both agree; one that included plenty of time for schoolwork, chemo, exercise, rest, and fun. Dr. Mayer is on rounds up here this week. Shari came in… Continue Reading Day 634/6

Day 32

We headed back up to All Children’s today, this time for a follow-up visit with Benjamin’s cardiologist after the echocardiogram he had in the hospital. These are a matter of routine for chemotherapy patients, as some of the medicines he’ll take–specifically during┬áthe Delayed Intensification Phase (about three months from now)–can affect heart function. During that… Continue Reading Day 32