Day 517

Everyone was well enough for school today, which is always a blessing. After I picked the boys up this afternoon, we had a few minutes to kill before going to Benjamin’s end-of-season little league party. We stopped by a few businesses to hang fliers for the Lemonade Stand next Saturday. As we pulled into the ball field,… Continue Reading Day 517

Day 516

Banyan stayed home from school this morning. Both boys woke up tired; Benji said his legs hurt, but once he remembered it was Board Game Day, he perked right up. Banyan, on the other hand, was clearly in no condition to go to school. He was warm, his glands were swollen, his belly hurt and… Continue Reading Day 516

Day 432

Benji felt just fine this morning. When I returned from a gorgeous bridge walk, both boys woke easily, got ready for school, grabbed their Evan Longoria batting gloves, and walked out the door. I made sure to prioritize research today and distilled my focus to two supplements. I purchased them, and emailed information about each one… Continue Reading Day 432

Day 420

Benjamin’s teacher pulled me into the classroom this morning to show me the watercolor self-portraits the class had done as part of an exercise on similes. When I saw Benjamin’s painting it brought me to tears. He wrote, “My hair is as curly as a fresh born pig’s tail.” Beautiful.  This morning I had a phone conference… Continue Reading Day 420