Day 378

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” These were the words on the marquee as I drove into Southside this morning to drop Benjamin off and to meet with his teacher, his guidance counselor, and our school district liaison to review and renew his Individualized Education Plan. I walked into the… Continue Reading Day 378

Day 116

Today held many blessings. In the morning, Benjamin did his schoolwork enthusiastically and without complaint. We are nearly caught up heading into tomorrow’s potentially long hospital day. Just before lunch we Skyped with Benji’s classmates. I had sent Mrs. West a Charlie Brown episode about a little girl with leukemia, and today, she showed it to the… Continue Reading Day 116

Day 112

Benjamin is getting reading glasses, and he’s very excited about it. We went to the ophthalmologist right after dropping Banyan off at Southside. I brought antibacterial masks with me just in case; it may not be a sick people’s doctor’s office, but it’s a doctor’s office nonetheless. We didn’t need the masks. We sanitized ourselves,… Continue Reading Day 112

Day 98

We stayed in Sarasota today. I sent more photographs of Benji’s dressing to Tracey in the Infusion Center, and spoke to one of our favorite clinic nurses as well. They all felt that our lowest risk option was to stay home. I cleaned the area and added more tape. I monitored for fever. I felt like… Continue Reading Day 98