Day 591


Our family enjoyed a sleepy morning before heading south to have brunch with Kathy and Gana. We’d planned to welcome Banyan home from camp by frying the scallops we all caught up in Crystal River earlier this summer. Kathy accompanied the scallops–which were unbelievably delicious–with salmon, cheese grits, shrimp salad and roasted Brussels sprouts. It was a Sunday feast! We are so fortunate.

Michael had to work this afternoon. I planned to take the boys to the water for some late day fishing and a paddle, but the August thunderstorms had other plans. So we stayed in, and Banyan asked if we could play Rack-O.

Rack-O was given to us by a sweet friend in October when Benji was in the hospital for Methotrexate toxicity. He couldn’t play it then. We played at his bedside. Today, Banyan taught Benji how to play. He won his first game. We played many, many more.


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