Day 701/73

Look at the boy in front of you.  Today I took this advice. This morning, when I heard the nurses come in for shift change, I didn’t jump up to see the numbers. I stayed in bed and snuggled up to my sleeping boy instead. By the time I read the lab report, Benji had… Continue Reading Day 701/73

Day 700/72

This morning’s labs were frankly terrifying. Benji’s white cell count and neutrophil count doubled again, and his blasts went up to 73%. His absolute blast cell count is so high. The leukemia is making it really difficult for his marrow to create healthy cells. His platelets disappeared again after yesterday’s transfusion. And his absolute lymphocyte… Continue Reading Day 700/72

Day 698/70

It’s our first night in a new room up here on the seventh floor. Tomorrow will be the 30th day of this admission, when we are required to switch rooms, but we decided to move early. There is a lot happening over the next few days that will require our full attention. Last night, our… Continue Reading Day 698/70