Day 734/106

We are still waiting for some critical information, but we also have some answers. A path is forming and it includes time at home. The biggest blessing that has come from today is the knowledge that Benjamin’s cells have enough of the CD22 protein to pursue enrollment in a clinical trial. Now we just need… Continue Reading Day 734/106

Day 731/103

Benjamin began this New Year with a strong and happy day. He got plenty of sleep last night. He only complained of tummy pain a couple of times, and mildly. His appetite continues to increase and he is slowly gaining weight again. His lab numbers are holding very steady, including his blast percentage (12), and… Continue Reading Day 731/103

Day 720/92

Benji has received his last dose of Inotuzumab, at least for this cycle. The next step is a huge step, and I’m trying to stay present as it approaches. For now, we just need to get him feeling more comfortable, whether home is on the horizon or not. We were up before the sun again.… Continue Reading Day 720/92

Day 719/91

Benji and I were up before shift change again. He was in great discomfort. He begged our night nurse not to draw morning labs–a daily procedure that has never bothered him–because he couldn’t stand the idea of saline flushes. He was so nauseous and in so much pain he couldn’t tolerate anything, no mention of… Continue Reading Day 719/91

Day 718/90

Benjamin and I slept well last night and were both awake at shift change. His numbers are holding steady. Saturday’s increase may have been sample bias, I don’t know; but since then we’ve seen the slow decline we’re used to from Inotuzumab. Each time I walk to the computer and look at the blasts category,… Continue Reading Day 718/90