Day 603

I didn’t tell Benji’s teacher about his bruises. He knows to be especially careful right now, and he certainly knows when to call me. Fortunately his bruising seems to be dissipating a bit, not worsening. I dropped both boys off for their first Friday of the schoolyear, then headed north for my second session with… Continue Reading Day 603

Day 481

Benjamin and I went over the Skyway this afternoon. I picked him up just before lunchtime, and on the north side of the big bridge, we met up with his buddy Cody and his sweet mama at their family-owned burger joint. Cody had just finished with his clinic appointment and we were getting ready for… Continue Reading Day 481

Day 478

We are pleasantly whooped. The day began with pancakes and bacon for five sleepy boys, then it was off to sports central: football for Banyan in the morning, baseball for Benji after lunch, basketball for Banyan in the afternoon, and somehow, a birthday party in between. The collective total for the Gilkey boys today was… Continue Reading Day 478

Day 471

Benji woke up with a sore throat. Day five of his steroid pulse and he hardly cared to eat breakfast. That’s unheard of. I thought this might preclude him from the morning’s baseball game, but no–he was determined, and feverless, so we suited up. I made pancakes and started planning the day’s tricky schedule with… Continue Reading Day 471