Day 475

I checked in with my online moms’ group to further assuage my guilt for giving Benji his Methotrexate with his 6MP last night. Turns out almost everyone does it that way. I’m glad I asked. When I returned from an early morning at the gym, Benji was clutching his belly on the couch. A few… Continue Reading Day 475

Day 411

There was a lightning storm last night, and our power went out. As a result, our huge scaredy-dogs kept me awake much of the night, shaking at my side, needing reassuring. I canceled my morning bridge walk due to rain and sleep deprivation. I was grateful to have had what little rest I achieved. Banyan walked down… Continue Reading Day 411

Day 186

The coffee was brewing early this morning. We let the boys sleep until the last possible second. When Benji woke up, he asked if he could stay home from the hospital. “Can someone else go instead of me today?” I wish I could, brother. Remember. Today puts us one step closer.  After Banyan left to… Continue Reading Day 186

Day 129

We went to the Emergency Center at All Children’s today. It was nice to sleep in our own bed last night, and we were looking forward to seeing grandmothers and aunts and cousins for Mother’s Day today. But our decision was an easy one. There was no other choice. Benjamin just couldn’t keep anything down.… Continue Reading Day 129

Day 41

Day 3 of Consolidation. Benjamin woke up and immediately said he felt like he had to throw up. I knew to expect this, and thought it was the Cytarabine catching up with him. I quickly gave him Zofran. I’ve heard from cancer patients, caregivers and severely ill pregnant mothers that Zofran is a miracle drug.… Continue Reading Day 41