Day 415

It was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning for youth athletics. Benjamin’s baseball season officially gets underway next Saturday, but the team had a scrimmage today. Michael and I divided and conquered; he took Benji to baseball while I took Banyan to his flag football game. Banyan was on fire. He scored touchdowns, forced interceptions, pulled… Continue Reading Day 415

Day 313

Benjamin woke up last night just after I fell asleep. Usually when this happens he crawls into bed with us. Last night, he climbed back up into his own little nest. I was up before the sun to walk the bridge in a fine, misty rain. I was tired; for some inexplicable reason, I thought of… Continue Reading Day 313

Day 45

Benjamin continued to feel wonderful today. Our only “side effect” of leukemia was behavioral; six weeks of indulgence and attention, not to mention four weeks of steroids, can occasionally result in some less than stellar manners. I posted about some of his more impolite streaks in the moms’ group I’ve joined, and was answered with dozens of comments… Continue Reading Day 45