Day 656/28

Benjamin woke up in the middle of the night with low belly pain. I asked him to describe it as he was falling back to sleep, and he said, tearfully, “I just don’t feel good.” I wasn’t sure how the day would progress. Thankfully he woke up feeling just fine, and continued feeling great all day.… Continue Reading Day 656/28

Day 649/21

Tonight is our 23rd night on the 7th floor. Our longest stay before Benjamin’s relapse was 22 nights. Maybe that’s why things have felt more emotional today. Maybe it’s the autumn outside I know we’re missing. Maybe it’s watching more friends ring their bells and go home. Maybe it’s just okay to feel sad sometimes,… Continue Reading Day 649/21

Day 648/20

I woke up to a nurse practitioner’s voice saying that Benji would need a red blood transfusion today. He was still sleeping, she was examining him. I opened my eyes and nodded. “Hemoglobin?” I asked. 6.8. We were expecting this. Benji’s other lab results were great today. His platelets are at 28,000, his sodium is… Continue Reading Day 648/20

Day 647/19

Benji woke up feeling happy. His daddy and brother were on their way to see him, and his body felt good. Our favorite nurse was back at morning shift change, and friends were coming to visit later. He just had one piece of uncomfortable business to take care of today: his port reaccess. The rest… Continue Reading Day 647/19

Day 645/17

Benjamin was super tired this morning. He slept in later than he has since we’ve been here. I figured after yesterday’s diuretic episode he was probably pretty depleted and needed the rest. Benji was still sleeping and I was making my second cup of coffee when the Child Life Specialist came by. She said she’d… Continue Reading Day 645/17

Day 644/16

I woke up early and tried to let Benji sleep as long as he could. When the day shift nurses started coming in, taking vitals, listening to his heart, getting medicines out of the supply cart, and all of the other clankety things that happen in the morning, Benji opened his eyes. The first words… Continue Reading Day 644/16