Day 649/21

Tonight is our 23rd night on the 7th floor. Our longest stay before Benjamin’s relapse was 22 nights. Maybe that’s why things have felt more emotional today. Maybe it’s the autumn outside I know we’re missing. Maybe it’s watching more friends ring their bells and go home. Maybe it’s just okay to feel sad sometimes,… Continue Reading Day 649/21

Day 609

Hurricane Hermine didn’t close down Sarasota County schools today. Benjamin was extremely short tempered this morning, set off by a breakfast mishap. It was clear that his steroids were affecting him. I reminded him to take deep breaths when he felt that feeling. I composed a long text to his teacher, about the steroids, the… Continue Reading Day 609

Day 421

I sent the boys out into their academic worlds this morning with high hopes. They both had quizzes today, but more importantly, I wanted them to feel good about themselves. I wanted Banyan to feel confident and responsible. I wanted Benjamin to feel healthy and strong. Of course, these things are beyond my control. What… Continue Reading Day 421

Day 307

This was an emotionally intense day from start to finish. Benjamin was out of sorts when he woke up, and he said his tummy hurt. I noticed sweat on his upper lip and I took his blood pressure–all was well. My instincts told me that he just went to bed too late last night, and was probably… Continue Reading Day 307

Day 47

Tuesday mornings are bridge walking mornings. I was grateful for the sunrise, the early start, and the clarity it provided. I felt prepared for the day as Benjamin and I sent Michael off to work, Banyan off to school, and headed north for our clinic visit. As we waited for our meeting with the oncologist and… Continue Reading Day 47