Day 445

  I saw the first swallowtail kite of the season today. Benji said he saw one fly over his baseball game on Saturday. They’re right on time here at the Spring Equinox. I’ve always loved these birds, these harbingers of summer with their aerial acrobatics, but I’ll never look at one again without thinking: 100 points. We… Continue Reading Day 445

Day 444

Benji’s steroid pulse ended today. He’s rocking his typical Prednisone look: red face, puffy cheeks and belly, warm skin, wide eyes. He fluctuates between sweetness, hunger, and dramatic upset. But mostly sweetness. His muscles and bones get sore from the steroids, and his body is a little more achy than usual tonight. He took a nice… Continue Reading Day 444

Day 439

We did not cross the Skyway this morning. Our beloved bridge was closed due to fog. So after doing our civic duty at the polls and dropping Banyan off at a friend’s house, we drove two hours instead of one to get to Benjamin’s appointment at the All Children’s Hematology Oncology Outpatient Clinic, circumnavigating the… Continue Reading Day 439

Day 420

Benjamin’s teacher pulled me into the classroom this morning to show me the watercolor self-portraits the class had done as part of an exercise on similes. When I saw Benjamin’s painting it brought me to tears. He wrote, “My hair is as curly as a fresh born pig’s tail.” Beautiful.  This morning I had a phone conference… Continue Reading Day 420