Day 449

imageThe boys had the day off from school today. It was a nice, relaxing Friday; we watched movies and packaged up rainbow stars in the morning. Banyan joined his friends for a pickup game in the afternoon and I took Benji to the toy store to redeem a birthday gift certificate he’d been saving. And this evening, Benji had a terrific baseball practice, after which we all enjoyed dinner together.

Benji struggled with his hunger again tonight. On baseball nights, when the dinner hour is pushed much later than usual, hunger is a big challenge. But he’s really made huge strides in handling his feelings. Today I emailed a friend who is volunteering to make some rainbow stars. She has recently been taking steroids for an autoimmune disorder, and I asked her what she has found helpful in alleviating her symptoms. Her response was so illuminating. I was able to read in adult language what Benji is feeling when this medicine is working in his body. She said that exercise is the thing that helps her most, along with limiting stimuli, connecting with nature, and keeping hot, salty soup on the stove to sip throughout the day. It helps satisfy her cravings without her having to eat a ton of food. These were such helpful tips.

We’ll be back at the ball field bright and early in the morning. I find myself really looking forward to it.

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