Day 488

day 488

I am almost out of gas, literally and figuratively. My car’s tank has 8 miles left in it. We hit the ground running at 6am, all of us, and didn’t stop until just now. I’m exhausted but feeling very fulfilled. At this time last year we were packing our hospital bags and embarking on one of the harshest phases of treatment on Benjamin’s body. Today’s busy-ness is a blessing.

Benjamin continues to complain of how easily he sweats. The heat and humidity are growing, and he barely steps outside before he starts dripping. I was ready for it today. I packed a water bottle in his lunch box and one to keep with him at his desk. Before we embarked on a triple-header of kids’ sports this afternoon, I packed a full cooler of water and Gatorade. He needed it.

Banyan is thriving in his football skills and conditioning workshop. I can see the determination on his face. Benjamin played his last regular season baseball game tonight, and made solid, powerful contact with the ball. Playoffs start next week.

It’s Tuesday, so Benji took his Methotrexate today at dinner time. I’m hoping the staggering of Methotrexate and 6MP continue to work. In addition to the sweating, this afternoon Benji was quite impulsive and ravenously hungry. The characteristics combined gave the day a steroid-y feeling, though it’s been over two weeks since his last pulse ended. It’s so hard to know what behaviors are cumulative and what’s just normal eight-year-old. It doesn’t matter really. Our reaction is the same. Hydrate, nourish, calm, redirect, LOVE.

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