Day 90

On the way over the bridge this morning, Benji and I were racking our brains trying to come up with an April Fool’s prank to pull on the clinic nurses. Brianna, the receptionist (who shares Benji’s birthday), gave us the winning idea. We would tell the nurses that we were moving. Benji came up with the… Continue Reading Day 90

Day 81

Benjamin sprang out of bed this morning and got dressed for school. He said “I’m so excited!” and was one giant smile. His nerves rose with the sun; by the time we dropped Banyan off, Benji had a tummyache. I know it was butterflies, because I had them too. We decided to return home for… Continue Reading Day 81

Day 51

We went to the emergency room this morning. Last night, Benjamin’s fever rose to 100.8. We thought we’d have to head north in the wee hours. We checked his temperature around the clock. At one point, my hand met Michael’s on Benji’s forehead, as we slept on either side of him. At about 2:00am the… Continue Reading Day 51

Day 49

Benjamin didn’t get a blood transfusion after all today. His hemoglobin count was 7.53 on Monday, and was expected to drop below 7 by today, because of the chemotherapy medicine Cytarabine (Ara-C). Today was Benjamin’s last day on his first “Ara-C Cycle,” two weeks of four consecutive doses each. His complete blood count this morning showed a hemoglobin level of 7.39.… Continue Reading Day 49

Day 39

Day 1 of Consolidation. We were at All Children’s much longer than we expected, but Benjamin’s first day in this new strengthening phase went extremely well. The effects of the dexamethasone continue to wane. At check-in, Benji’s weight had finally started to show a slight decrease back to normal. And despite the fact that he… Continue Reading Day 39

Day 34

We finally got the results of Benjamin’s bone marrow aspirate this morning. It was not the news we wanted to hear. We were looking and hoping for a Minimal Residual Disease number smaller than 0.01, or one cell per 10,000 still infected with leukemia in the marrow. Benjamin’s MRD number was 0.03. This means that he… Continue Reading Day 34