Day 415

It was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning for youth athletics. Benjamin’s baseball season officially gets underway next Saturday, but the team had a scrimmage today. Michael and I divided and conquered; he took Benji to baseball while I took Banyan to his flag football game. Banyan was on fire. He scored touchdowns, forced interceptions, pulled… Continue Reading Day 415

Day 366

One year ago today, Benjamin began his treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. January 2, 2015 was “Day 1.” He had surgery to place his port and he received his first dose of chemotherapy. It was the first of 294 doses of chemotherapy this year, given by spinal injection, intravenous tubing, intramuscular shots, and pills. Benji¬†has… Continue Reading Day 366

Day 333

Sure there were pictures in focus of the boys finding their perfect tree. But this one captures the joy and the energy inside their perfect bodies. This one captures a moment I want to remember. We all assimilated back into our weekday routines today, slowly but surely. Banyan had a World History test, Benji had… Continue Reading Day 333