Day 430

What an awesome day. Baseball runs deep in my family, and spring training in southwest Florida goes back several generations. Today we were excited to catch our first spring training game of the season. The Tampa Bay Rays baseball franchise has a great relationship with All Children’s Hospital. The hospital is adjacent to the Rays’ home… Continue Reading Day 430

Day 324

On Saturdays in the fall, University of Florida football is somewhat sacred in our family. This morning we woke before the sun to hit the road north to Gainesville to catch our second Gator game of the season. It was also just the second time we’ve left town, except to go to All Children’s. We packed lightly, without… Continue Reading Day 324

Day 224

It seemed like there was a sort of dissonance in the air right from the starting gate today. There was tension between Benji and me, between Banyan and Michael; even the dogs seemed restless. Perhaps last night’s meteor shower stirred things up a bit. I don’t know. But as the day progressed, one thing became clear:… Continue Reading Day 224

Day 67

We overslept this morning. A combination of Benjamin’s restless night, Daylight Savings Time, and a late viewing of Shawshank Redemption conspired against us. We still had plenty of time to get up, get ready, and get over the bridge for Benjamin’s appointment in the Infusion Center–but the frantic pace left me feeling guilty. I hadn’t… Continue Reading Day 67