Day 277

We slept well last night. For the first time in many days, Benji needed no oxygen or Tylenol during his sleeping hours. Sarah and I took this as a very good sign. When Benji woke up and got out of bed for his morning bath, it was clear how much pain he is really in.… Continue Reading Day 277

Day 275

I’m not sure how to begin writing this. So many emotions wrapped up into one October Saturday. There have been many hard days, especially the most recent ones, but I think today may have been the hardest. In addition to witnessing Benji’s pain and managing my own fear and exhaustion, today, I felt anger. Today,… Continue Reading Day 275

Day 274

As Benji’s fever rose last night, so did his discomfort. He asked for baths with desperation in his eyes. I wanted to keep him in bed, keep his temperature constant and keep his rash from getting exacerbated. We agreed to two baths throughout the night, and the rest of the time he slept. When he… Continue Reading Day 274