Day 739/111

Benji is sleeping next to me. He is pleasantly exhausted from a long, busy day that went very well. Benji was a little nervous this morning and his tummy hurt. He didn’t want any breakfast. We gave him some Kytril just before we put the numbing cream on his chest. We all took Banyan to… Continue Reading Day 739/111

Day 431

Benjamin stayed home from school today. He woke up super congested and coughing up a storm. He has been stuffy the last couple of mornings, but his congestion usually dissipates once he’s up and around; this morning felt different. Even though he wasn’t running a fever (and never did), I decided to keep him home. We had… Continue Reading Day 431

Day 416

Benjamin’s February steroid pulse has come to an end. Hallelujah. Every night this week, the medicine has reared its ugly head during the interminable, tear-filled wait between “please be seated” and “dinner is served” (usually a span of less than a minute). This morning, steroids showed up by barreling into our kitchen and demanding to make fresh squeezed lemonade… Continue Reading Day 416

Day 38

Another gorgeous day to end this almost perfect weekend. I woke up this morning and made a nice big Sunday breakfast, then sat down to two hours of research while Michael kept the boys entertained. The result: our new list of “Benji’s Super Foods,” customized for the Consolidation Phase we begin tomorrow. The Strengthening Phase.  There are specific… Continue Reading Day 38