Day 487

Day 487

Back to work, back to school, back to sports, back to packing lunches and homework and all things beautifully mundane.

I believe the increase in Benji’s medicines are beginning to manifest in new and subtle ways. He has developed little bumps on his face, like he’s breaking out. He is sweating all the time. I can see his body working hard to flush out its toxins and we are responding with an increase in water intake. Often at night, like tonight, as he is falling asleep he complains that his side hurts. I press where I know his vulnerable organs are, and they never cause pain. I can only believe this is a good sign, and his muscles simply ache at the end of a long and active day.

Was it ever an active day! It was Benjamin’s last session with his batting coach at the cages, and he has come so far. I just love the sound of his bat connecting at full force. After his practice, we went over to Banyan’s flag football practice, which was canceled at the last minute. No matter. Banyan begged to stay and play football with his friends, and he welcomed his brother to join. When they got back into the car, Benji was drenched. Summer is here. That didn’t keep them from a game of pickup basketball with the neighbors before dinner.


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