Day 186

The coffee was brewing early this morning. We let the boys sleep until the last possible second. When Benji woke up, he asked if he could stay home from the hospital. “Can someone else go instead of me today?” I wish I could, brother. Remember. Today puts us one step closer.  After Banyan left to… Continue Reading Day 186

Day 185

Tomorrow, Benjamin begins Delayed Intensification. This is a critical phase. It is designed to deliver the final big blow to any leukemia cells lurking beyond the microscope. The phase will last at least eight weeks, possibly more due to delays from low blood counts, which are expected. Delayed Intensification is the fourth phase during “frontline” treatment–Benji has completed Induction,… Continue Reading Day 185

Day 174

I’m grateful for a clean house and clean dogs. I’m grateful for the machines that are currently washing my dishes and my laundry. I’m grateful for old friends and delicious food. I’m grateful for normal summer sounds like sibling bickery and bouncing basketballs and Michael’s truck pulling into the driveway. I’m grateful for oncologists who are partners, and… Continue Reading Day 174