Day 170

Man, did I sleep well last night. I peeled myself out of bed only to give Benjamin some Kytril in the early hours, when he felt nauseous. Then I put myself right back in. It was so nice to really sleep, without interruption. I’m sure Benjamin felt the same way.

I spent the morning doing the housework I set aside last night; laundry, dishes, sweeping, unpacking. This afternoon, we went down to Michael’s mom’s house for an afternoon on the boat and a delicious dinner with some of our sweet Georgia family (thanks for the beautiful photo, Noni). I packed the Kytril and Marinol, but we wouldn’t need it. Benjamin felt fantastic today. He played hard with his brother, and his appetite has completely returned.

Benjamin still has a week left of oral chemotherapy (6MP) before he is on a true break from treatment–Delayed Intensification won’t start until July 6th–but it feels kind of like the break has already begun. This break is built into his treatment plan, so that he will be ready for the intensity of the next phase’s medicines. I am so grateful for this time, for our family to be together, and for Benjamin’s body to have some space and time to rest and restore.

The timing of Benjamin’s treatment has been very kind to us. I try not to question it. I just give thanks, again and again.

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