Day 695/67

It was another night of little sleep. Benji and I stayed up late to watch the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (again), and then, for the second night in a row, he woke up with frequent coughing spells every hour. He would cough in pain and struggle to catch his breath. He drank water… Continue Reading Day 695/67

Day 694/66

We had a rough night up here on 7 South. Benjamin woke up many times coughing, and with each episode he cried in pain. He couldn’t pinpoint where the pain was, just that drinking cool water helped. His sweat filled the bed and his face looked pale. This morning the attending doctor said his lungs… Continue Reading Day 694/66

Day 210

Benjamin and I both woke up with full-blown colds, but we have felt increasingly better as the day has progressed. He had a small fever of 99.4, which has been gone now for several hours. This is a relief, and means we are not planning any additional trips north. I am feeling a bit stir-crazy–we were homebound with steroid soreness,… Continue Reading Day 210