Day 769/141

Since Benjamin’s diagnosis, we have asked for guidance to make decisions for his highest good. Today we were guided in a direction we did not expect, but one that could not have been more clear. We are staying on the seventh floor. Last night, Benjamin had a high fever and rapid pulse, and he was… Continue Reading Day 769/141

Day 734/106

We are still waiting for some critical information, but we also have some answers. A path is forming and it includes time at home. The biggest blessing that has come from today is the knowledge that Benjamin’s cells have enough of the CD22 protein to pursue enrollment in a clinical trial. Now we just need… Continue Reading Day 734/106

Day 730/102

We’re watching fireworks over the Skyway from the seventh floor, just like we did on New Year’s Eve two years ago, after our world was turned upside down by Benjamin’s diagnosis. I am relieved to sit with this blank space in front of me. I have been on edge all evening and I need to… Continue Reading Day 730/102