Day 739/111

Benji is sleeping next to me. He is pleasantly exhausted from a long, busy day that went very well. Benji was a little nervous this morning and his tummy hurt. He didn’t want any breakfast. We gave him some Kytril just before we put the numbing cream on his chest. We all took Banyan to… Continue Reading Day 739/111

Day 13

We are surrounded by blessings. There are moments of pain, fear, panic, and exhaustion every day. But all we have to do is look, and we find blessings. Family and friends to hold us up. Homegrown organic vegetables to wash in the sink. A pot of minestrone simmering on the stove. Freshly baked bread for… Continue Reading Day 13

Day 12

Big day today–our first outpatient clinic appointment at All Children’s. I read that a kid with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia has an average of 58 outpatient visits. We are just fine with that. Each visit gets us closer to the words we need to hear. (Plus, baseball season is right around the corner. We’ll have to… Continue Reading Day 12