Day 632/4

Benjamin slept deeply last night. For the first time since we’ve been here, I woke up a full hour before he did. I’d gotten in a yoga routine, two cups of coffee, and the nursing shift change before he opened his eyes. Benji’s labs this morning were just where they should be. His white blood… Continue Reading Day 632/4

Day 380

It was a gorgeous, sunny morning in Sarasota. Benjamin made his famous cheddar scrambled eggs for us for breakfast, then we met Kathy and Gana at a new sports field to watch Banyan play his first flag football game of the season. The sunshine illuminated Benji’s golden wavy hair. I texted his buddy Cody’s mom… Continue Reading Day 380

Day 159

We picked Banyan up this morning from his sleepover, and met Michael’s mother in the parking lot at the kids’ primary care physician’s office. Banyan had an appointment that was long overdue (poor kid), and I didn’t want Benjamin hanging out in a doctor’s office where contagious folks congregate. Benji’s Grammy took him to a… Continue Reading Day 159

Day 83

“NAUSEA!” was my alarm clock this morning just after 6am. Benji woke up with urgency, and we didn’t make it to the Zofran in time. He took the medicine afterward with a nice hot bath. The combination worked immediately. Benjamin’s body is getting used to tolerating this heavy medicine again. By the time we got into… Continue Reading Day 83