Day 211

Benjamin and I both woke up after a long night’s sleep feeling much better. After breakfast(s), Benji was ready to move his body. We walked down the street to our friend’s house, which doubles as her Pilates studio. I was so grateful for the opportunity for Benji to stretch.

Benji loves doing Pilates. It makes him feel strong and confident in his body. This means a lot to me, for so many reasons. He’s coming off of a steroid week, which made his body sore and tired. He has changed shape because of the swelling and insatiable hunger. But mostly, I keep reading study after study linking Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia treatment with obesity. Benjamin will take steroids monthly for the next three years. The habits we establish now are extremely important.

After Pilates, we had lunch, took the car for an oil change, and played with friends. Benji’s hair has been steadily falling out, and last night, he finally agreed to let our sweet friend Brian trim it up so it was less bothersome for him. This afternoon we went to sit in Brian’s chair. Benjamin was nervous and brave, and I swear, he looks as handsome as ever.

Tonight, Michael’s mother and sister took Benji out for dinner and a movie. It was the first chance Michael and I have had to have a date in many weeks, and we are so thankful. We enjoyed a lovely meal, cocktails, and a walk up the Ringling Bridge to chase the full moon rise. We were thwarted by cloud cover, but grateful for our time to reconnect nonetheless. We laughed so much tonight. I give thanks for our partnership again and again.

We intend to enjoy this weekend fully. My mother is coming to visit. Benji is feeling better each day. The weather will be what it will be, but we are determined to make the most of it, before the second half of Delayed Intensification begins Monday.

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