Day 760/132

‚ÄúStand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight.” ~Maya Angelou These words saved me today. When I felt myself start to crumble, instead I stood a little straighter. Now is not the time. There is work to be done. Benjamin’s… Continue Reading Day 760/132

Day 290

Benji has been “unhooked” for most of the day, free from connection to his IV pole. His supportive care medicines have all been switched to pills. When Isaac came by this morning to check on the night’s progress, he was pleased. Benji’s blood pressure was lower last night, and his tummy pain is being soothed… Continue Reading Day 290

Day 288

Benji took several more steps in the right direction today. His spirits were down when he woke; his lips were hurting, but mostly I think he was processing the idea of another day on the seventh floor. Fortunately, his funk was shortlived. He took a bath, then said he was hungry. I was happy to… Continue Reading Day 288

Day 273

It was another rough night and another trying day. I am trying to be grateful for the steps Benji has made toward healing, and appreciate the slow wisdom with which his body is working. But it is honestly becoming hard not to worry. Benji slept with oxygen tubes most of the night, following his crazy… Continue Reading Day 273