Day 119

We are STILL waiting. I am thankful that we are all learning the lessons we need to learn along this journey. Apparently, the Universe feels the need to pound them repeatedly into our stubborn souls. I began the day up on the Ringling Bridge. It was crazy windy. I allowed the wind to carry away the… Continue Reading Day 119

Day 112

Benjamin is getting reading glasses, and he’s very excited about it. We went to the ophthalmologist right after dropping Banyan off at Southside. I brought antibacterial masks with me just in case; it may not be a sick people’s doctor’s office, but it’s a doctor’s office nonetheless. We didn’t need the masks. We sanitized ourselves,… Continue Reading Day 112

Day 109

Benjamin’s back pain was gone this morning. I was very thankful, for obvious reasons, but also because I had hoped to carve out some time for our firstborn today. Banyan worked very hard to earn the Gold Principal’s Award this past quarter, and today was the fifth grade awards ceremony. When we found out Friday that Benjamin’s counts… Continue Reading Day 109

Day 98

We stayed in Sarasota today. I sent more photographs of Benji’s dressing to Tracey in the Infusion Center, and spoke to one of our favorite clinic nurses as well. They all felt that our lowest risk option was to stay home. I cleaned the area and added more tape. I monitored for fever. I felt like… Continue Reading Day 98

Day 90

On the way over the bridge this morning, Benji and I were racking our brains trying to come up with an April Fool’s prank to pull on the clinic nurses. Brianna, the receptionist (who shares Benji’s birthday), gave us the winning idea. We would tell the nurses that we were moving. Benji came up with the… Continue Reading Day 90