Day 256

I was filled with a sense of optimism today. We have overcome last week’s obstacle, and maybe it will be the final one during this phase. Maybe we are really on the homestretch of this frontline of treatment. My optimism was threatened several times, and still is, as I am going on hour four trying… Continue Reading Day 256

Day 255

What an amazing day. I am just filled with gratitude for the people who made it happen. There is something about walking onto a baseball field that makes me feel like an eight year old kid again. I wonder if the professionals still get that feeling. I hope so. Benjamin was made to feel very… Continue Reading Day 255

Day 252

Benji’s mysterious tummy trouble culminated today. At 4:30am he woke up with pain and nausea that persisted until we arrived at the clinic. With careful timing I was able to get his trifecta of Kytril, transdermal Scopolomine and Marinol into his system. Michael was working super early this morning. I was so thankful that with… Continue Reading Day 252