Day 432

day 432Benji felt just fine this morning. When I returned from a gorgeous bridge walk, both boys woke easily, got ready for school, grabbed their Evan Longoria batting gloves, and walked out the door.

I made sure to prioritize research today and distilled my focus to two supplements. I purchased them, and emailed information about each one to Dr. Oshrine. With his blessing, Benji will start a new morning regimen for enhanced liver detoxification and immune support. It felt good to kick things up a notch. Even though Benji is thriving, the status quo and I don’t get along too well. I feel like I could always be doing more, learning more. I am not as mentally strong during stagnant periods. It is during periods of stillness that fear creeps in and I forget how to take charge.

When I verbalized this to my wise bridge walking friend, she advised that I set smaller, more attainable goals for myself. Instead of one day at a time, try one hour at a time. That worked brilliantly and I accomplished so much during the boys’ school hours.

Benjamin has a baseball game tomorrow night. I know his fear of the pitch is weighing on him. Banyan started intramural basketball after school today, so Benji and I had two hours alone, and I took him to the batting cages for a private lesson with a baseball instructor. It was a wonderful experience and it boosted Benji’s confidence tremendously. I am optimistic about tomorrow. He was hitting every ball tonight, one after the next. He did the same after Michael and Banyan came home, and Benji was showing his daddy what he’d learned. He kept his Longoria glove on the whole time.

It’s Methotrexate day, so Benjamin is resting now with a castor oil pack over his liver. He actually said “Yay!” when I walked into the room with the flannel and the hot water bottle. I’m grateful that he enjoys the rituals we are creating, despite the reason we are creating them. I know we will all look back at these years with pride.

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