Day 682/54

Benji and I didn’t get much sleep last night. He had a platelet transfusion after midnight. Toward the end of it, he said he was feeling like he was getting mouth sores, and his throat felt funny. I called the nurse immediately. She brought her charge nurse with her. They turned on the lights and… Continue Reading Day 682/54

Day 497

I’ve decided to step away from my online moms’ group for a little while. This has happened before. It ebbs and flows. I love those women fiercely, but the sudden passing of the little girl who shares Benjamin’s diagnosis has sparked so much fear. People are discussing relapse more frequently. Asking and sharing when it… Continue Reading Day 497

Day 164

The hospital bags are packed and waiting near the front door. The Scopolomine patch is placed securely behind Benjamin’s left ear. The children are sleeping soundly, ready for our trip over the bridge in the morning. And I am finding that my cheeks still hurt after a day that was full to the brim with… Continue Reading Day 164