Day 667/39


We saw a porpoise from our campsite this morning before I’d even finished my first cup of coffee. Benji’s camper is parked just a few yards from the Indian River, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean at a bike ride’s distance. There’s a paved bike loop around the sites and a fishing pier just a short walk from here. It’s absolutely perfect.

I drove into town today to fill Benji’s allopurinol prescription and repair his bike tire. While I was away from the campsite I composed an email to our Toronto expert on CMMRD to be sure he knew the latest on Benjamin and on Dr. Oshrine’s plans moving forward.

I gave Benji his medicine, morning noon and night. I checked his temperature once and we kept him hydrated. I put antibiotic ointment on his bone marrow aspirate site. Otherwise I didn’t mention the hospital, or anything associated with it. I tried not to stare at his skin too obviously. He looks pale to me, and to Michael, but it’s possible that’s a psychosomatic observation. At every mention of pain, we look at each other and think of his bones.

In this moment, Benjamin feels wonderful. He just caught a fish off the rocks near our campsite. A sea turtle poked its head up to say hello. We’re grilling kabobs and the Gators just beat Georgia. We’ve biked and fished and explored and laughed and played in the surf today. We’re building a fire for the night. As long as I stay in the absolute present, everything is perfect. In this moment, we have everything we need.

4 thoughts on “Day 667/39

  1. A beautiful moment for a wonderful family. You’re n incredible Mom, and Benjamin has the best family one could ask for. Our best thoughts and prayers remain with you.

  2. What a perfect gift for you all in this really really hard time. So happy you guys are living the dream this weekend!! Lots of love love love sending your way all the time. Love, Alina

  3. You all look so happy! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers… sending love, strength, healing energy, and positive thoughts to all of you. Catch a big one Benji!! Much love Sunny, Troy and the kids.

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