I woke up too early this morning, and no one had anywhere to be. The same was true the morning I dreamed of Benjamin, so I went back to sleep, willing my brain to repeat the gift. It did not work. Such an empty feeling. Benjamin was just a few days older when he died than Banyan was… Continue Reading Weeks.

Day 751/123

Benjamin feels better today than he did yesterday, and his labs continue to trend in the right direction. This is enough for today. Slow, steady healing. We were up several times throughout the night, responding to pain, or the need for the bathroom, or beeps from the IV pole. Benjamin found it easier to rise… Continue Reading Day 751/123

Day 564

Benji and I started playing Pokemon Go today. I knew resistance was futile; nearly every kid we know is playing it (except for Banyan, who is blissfully unaware of the phenomenon up in the north woods of Wisconsin). We also had other motives for playing: exercise, and placing lures at All Children’s. We took two… Continue Reading Day 564