Day 390

Apparently the server that hosts this website is down right now, and I don’t know when this post will be published. But I’m writing it anyway. The panic that arose in my heart when I realized the glitch was enough to tell me that I still desperately need this space. That, and the many encouraging… Continue Reading Day 390

Day 368

Back to reality. How interesting, the timing of everything; even when I come to this space, it looks different now. The boys were tough to shake out of bed this morning. I was too, truth be told. But we made it, backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles in hand. Benjamin wanted to walk upstairs by himself… Continue Reading Day 368

Day 366

One year ago today, Benjamin began his treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. January 2, 2015 was “Day 1.” He had surgery to place his port and he received his first dose of chemotherapy. It was the first of 294 doses of chemotherapy this year, given by spinal injection, intravenous tubing, intramuscular shots, and pills. Benji has… Continue Reading Day 366