Day 368


Back to reality. How interesting, the timing of everything; even when I come to this space, it looks different now.

The boys were tough to shake out of bed this morning. I was too, truth be told. But we made it, backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles in hand. Benjamin wanted to walk upstairs by himself today. I felt the lump in my throat return as I watched him go.

I had planned to go in to the office today but Michael needed me to meet a technician at home, so I worked here for a few hours, then met Kathy, Gana and “Uncle” Bob at a downtown restaurant to celebrate Kathy’s birthday. It was our family’s second day of celebratory meals, but she deserves so much more. We are so grateful for her presence and influence in our lives.

Benjamin was tired after school but jumped right into his homework. Meanwhile, I discovered that Banyan had gotten a very poor grade on a recent assignment. I contacted the teacher, and steadied myself for a calm conversation when I picked up our eldest. We discussed it thoroughly, including over dinner, and decided he would do the project again at home tonight. The situation was really causing me angst; until I realized, somewhere over our salad course, that this poor grade is our family’s biggest problem of the day. Not cancer, not a transfusion, not another hospital stay. A poor grade on a project. This, we can handle.

After the dishes were cleared, we enjoyed our first night in the gym as a family. We have all exercised in our own way prior to tonight, with various team sports, weight routines, and bridge walks. But tonight we did it together, and it was fun. The boys played racquetball while Michael and I worked out. They wanted to try the machines and move their bodies. I know this will be the first of many such nights to come.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Cancer management day. The letter to All Children’s has not yet been sent. I will make Michael’s final edits tomorrow, and decide how to proceed. I am also excited to create a yearly detox calendar based on the monthly calendar I created for Benjamin before the holiday indulgences began. Tonight there is bone broth simmering on the crock pot once again.¬†The smell fills our home, reminding us–along with our¬†slightly sore muscles–that health and healing are in our own hands. And good grades. Those too.

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