Day 473

day 473Benji’s sore throat returned this morning, but only for a few minutes. He felt better as the morning went on, and by drop-off time he was right as rain. The steroid pulse is still showing its side effects, particularly impulsive behavior and profuse sweating. I keep reminding Benji the sweating is good. It means he’s flushing out toxins. The more water he can drink right now, the better.

It was a busy and fulfilling day for all of us. Banyan had state testing today and will have it again tomorrow. Benji has a big project to complete by Friday. Michael was out the door before the sun, and I’m working at the office all week. Banyan had football practice tonight and Benji and I got a workout in at the YMCA next door. We’re all settling in now for a good night’s sleep.

Cody’s mom told me today that his hair is thinning again. I have read that this can happen unexpectedly throughout maintenance. I thought I’d better let Benji know, as his thick head of golden curls is such a point of pride. I told him, and he slumped his shoulders, as if to say, “Aw, man!” but he rolled right with it. He just asked why. I told him that as the medicine increases and his cell counts drop, it’s something that can happen, but it might not. I just wanted him to be prepared if it did. That was good enough for him. He didn’t dwell on it. What good would that do?

Banyan handed me his 7th grade registration packet this morning. I reminded him he’d have to get a shot before school starts next year. He groaned. Benji and I glanced at each other. Banyan saw us and smiled, realizing sheepishly that we were thinking of the 60 shots Benji took in his legs last year. He said jokingly, “Benji, can you take this one for me bud?” I told Benji he should teach Banyan his Jedi mind trick. Banyan asked him how he did it. Benji smiled proudly. “It’s a secret.”

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  1. Thanks for the posts. I love Benjamin’s curls. Keeping Guilkey family in my prayers. Love you all

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