Day 652/24


We woke up to good news this morning. Those blasts that went off to pathology were indeed recovery blasts. There are still no leukemia blasts in Benjamin’s peripheral blood. We will have to wait a week or so to learn what’s left in his marrow.

Benjamin’s absolute neutrophil count (ANC) crept up to 120, but his platelets dropped to 13,000. He may need another transfusion tomorrow. His hemoglobin is currently stable. I am grateful for the blood drives and bone marrow registries that are being organized right now in Benjamin’s honor.

Benjamin and I were excited to welcome his Paw Paw and Nanny from Alabama today. While we waited we knocked out some schoolwork, rounding out a very productive week and keeping Benji right on par with his classmates. We took our morning walk, and were watching the construction of the research building through the window at the end of the hall when they arrived.

We had a lovely day with our family. Michael picked Banyan up a little early from school so he could visit with his brother and his grandparents. The sound of Paw Paw’s guitar filled the room. It was a great time for them to make the trip, with Benjamin feeling so normal right now.

Benjamin’s bath has become a welcome ritual and time of introspection. It sometimes yields hard questions. Lately he has asked what would happen if his port didn’t yield blood return during his morning labs, whether his next bone marrow aspirate could be done in a different place than his last one, and whether he would have lumbar punctures after this phase is over. Sometimes I know the answers and sometimes I don’t. Usually we find out together.

Until Wednesday, Benjamin will continue to get a break from harsh chemotherapy (except for his oral Dasatanib). We will continue to visit with friends and family and enjoy this recovery period fully.

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