Day 585

day 585

Our family is home safely, and Benjamin even got to sit in the pilot’s seat after we landed.

It’s been so nice to have the four of us together, unplugged, healthy and happy, in such a beautiful piece of the world. During our long hikes, Benjamin overcame a major obstacle in the way he perceived his body’s ability, and I am so proud of him. He also handled this steroid pulse and all of its urges with extreme patience and strength. Banyan has shown us thoughtfulness, responsibility, and kindness, and he has infused us all with joy. Michael was so happy, so relaxed, at the pure and simple pleasures of a walk through the woods or a hunt for the perfect agate. I felt settled. I felt no fear. It didn’t even come into my periphery, not once, and now I feel reinforced against it.

The pace of the next couple of weeks will be a big change from the last couple of days. We have many appointments and deadlines ahead, plans with sweet family and friends, and a big school year to prepare for. I will draw often from this peace we have all just enjoyed.

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