Day 568


I had a bit of a personal breakthrough last night.

As I was refilling Benji’s pill box, I counted ahead to next week and realized I would be a full four 6MP pills short for the month. I felt the familiar panic rise up within me and I silenced it right away. I did the math again to make sure I was right, and I was. I just refused to listen to the doubt. I know Benji has taken his medicine each night. I know how to add. And I know that pharmacies (and physicians) make mistakes. For the first time, I successfully denied the voice in my head before it could trick me into believing that this was somehow my fault. Instead, I just made a note on today’s to-do list to call the pharmacy and take care of it–which I did. Problem solved.

Benji does have a tiny raised bump on his tongue that “burns” from time to time. He just told me about it late today. The rest of his mouth looks okay, but I saw what might be the beginning of some scalloping on the back of his tongue. I’m not sure. But we know what to do.¬†We are resuming our nightly mouthwash of salt and baking soda, and I am going to try to coax him into some glutamine tomorrow.

Michael left early this morning for his three day fishing trip. He was so excited, and we are so happy for him. Benji and I had many errands to run today, and we finished the afternoon preparing for our trip through the mangrove tunnels tomorrow. When we were finished, we had a “date” at our favorite sushi restaurant. We sat outside and watched the early evening rains. It was absolutely wonderful.

One of the day’s errands was a trip to the Army Navy store to grab some things for Banyan and his cabin mates. The owner of the store was swooning over Benji’s hair. “Wow. Is it naturally curly?” she asked. I didn’t say yes or no, but smiled and winked at Benji, and said, “He’s a lucky one, eh?”

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