Day 480

day 480

It was another busy weekday, with school, work, and two sports on the calendar. I spent time helping Banyan on homework while Benji hit the batting cages, and enjoyed a great half hour of racquetball with Benji while Banyan was at football practice. This is how our April has been, and we are making it work pretty darn well.

Tomorrow, Benji has an appointment at All Children’s to check his counts and see how the 125% chemo increase has affected his ANC. I texted Cody’s mom today to see how he was feeling, and for the first time in a long time, our two boys have appointments on the same day—he in the morning and Benji in the afternoon. We are going to meet for lunch before Benji’s appointment. I can’t wait to see them.

Benji scraped his leg today and a bruise appeared pretty quickly, but the bleeding stopped almost instantly. I don’t think his platelets have dropped too terribly low. I will be very interested to see what his numbers show tomorrow, and what Dr. Oshrine has to say about last week’s reaction. If there is no hold, we will try an antiemetic this time.

We are still working out the plans for the rest of the week. We know that Michael will be traveling north for our friend’s funeral. Whether the rest of us are able to go will depend on several variables, one of which is Benji’s tolerance of his medicine tomorrow night, provided there is no chemo hold. There will be juggling acts of acrobatic proportions this week, and that’s okay. They just don’t cause me stress the way they used to. We will make it work. We always do.

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