Day 465

day 465

We are home, sun-soaked and tired. We made the most of our final staycation day with the boys. Banyan and Benji shared our backyard hammock this morning and enjoyed the view through the sea grapes while Michael and I packed up the truck to go home. After checking out, we took the canoes out for one last voyage to the beach. The weather and the water were absolute perfection today.

I didn’t want it to end. Once we came home and started tackling problems like homework and meal planning and prescriptions, I found myself growing tense. Allowing stress to creep back into my body. I left to buy groceries for the week. While I was shopping, I was able to replace the stress with gratitude. Our vacation was amazing. Incredible. But our normal, routine, day-to-day life is also amazing and incredible. With each item I placed in my cart I gave thanks. The Gatorade I bought meant that both of my boys are involved in team sports this week. The whole organic chicken meant that there will be fresh bone broth ready for Benjamin after Tuesday’s treatment. The fresh basil meant fresh pesto and that just makes everyone happy. I felt so grateful to come home. That feeling was one of the sweetest gifts that was granted to me through Benjamin’s diagnosis, and I cannot allow it to slip away.

Bedtime was a tender time tonight. This stretch of days has been wonderful and rich, but with adventure comes exhaustion, and Benji’s body was feeling it tonight. He will sleep quite well. Tomorrow is the final day of his second complete treatment cycle in long-term maintenance. Each cycle is 84 days. He will have nine more. Tuesday we will return to the hospital for the beginning of round three, which includes a lumbar puncture. But first, we have a field trip to attend. I’ll be chaperoning his class adventure to our local aquarium and marine laboratory.  Then it’s homework, gym time, Banyan’s flag football practice, chicken in the oven. Just another normal day. Another amazing, incredible, normal day.

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