Day 263

Michael and I both had a hard time sleeping last night, so when Benji padded in before 6am asking for breakfast, I begged for more time. But his hunger turns to pain so quickly. He clutched his tummy and I jumped up and headed for the coffee maker and my first of many cups throughout the day.

After Benji’s tummy was full, he was excited to get ready for school. It was nice to have lunches and backpacks ready to go with ample time. Banyan caught a ride to middle school on the bus, and I walked Benji to class. We decided he’d wait until after school to take his midday antibiotic. It may not be perfect timing, but it would make everything easier; he wouldn’t have to get permission to take medicine at school. The more measures I can take to make him feel normal, especially there, with his friends, the better. He’s still getting his three doses a day, pretty well spaced.

My kid-free hours flew by today, with several things on the to-do list. I called the clinic to discuss the research I’ve been doing on Methotrexate and Clindamycin. Dr. Oshrine instructed me to continue the antibiotic, which should not inhibit the chemotherapy. They will do a complete metabolic screen Thursday to test Benji’s liver enzymes. He had milk thistle again today, and asked if he could put olive leaf and red clover into his concoction. Yes, please. Make it a double. 

The best part of my day was having both boys in the car with me again at pickup time. Neither of them could stop talking. I bought them a frozen yogurt (sneaking in probiotics wherever I can) and we came home to get chores and homework crossed off the list.

Michael relieved me at dinner time so that I could go sit in Benji’s classroom chair; it was second grade open house at Southside. I experienced so many feelings during my time at his desk, listening to his wonderful teacher speak. I was grateful to be sitting there, grateful that he sat there yesterday and will sit there tomorrow. I was proud that he has a place to go and feel normal. I felt the temptation of guilt when I saw the handwriting at the neighboring desks; in some areas, Benji’s lack of daily practice is showing. But academically, he is right where he needs to be. He understands all of the concepts, and he is meeting his benchmarks. This kid is just fine.

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