Day 262

We all caught up on sleep this morning after last night’s late return from the emergency room. Benji woke up feeling great, and his back is neither red nor warm. The cellulitis either resolved by virtue of his own neutrophils, or the Clindamycin works extremely fast. I told Michael I was struggling with feelings of guilt for pumping Benji’s body full of antibiotics for ten days, when there’s a chance he doesn’t even need them. Michael reminded me that we had little choice. Taking a chance could have turned a skin irritation into a blood infection, and quickly. We did the right thing.

Benji practiced baseball with Michael as much as he could today. He suited up with his new padded shirt to protect his port, and felt powerful and strong. Banyan caught up on some studying, and I filled our fridge with healthy goodness for the week. We made sure Benji drank a ton of water today, and gave him three doses of milk thistle. I’m hoping his liver enzymes come down before his appointment Thursday.

We have a busy week ahead. Each night holds a different activity; baseball for Benji, basketball for Banyan, a school open house, a bridge walk for childhood cancer awareness. Both boys will go to school almost every day. We have one trip over the Sunshine Skyway on the calendar, and that’s the last one until October. Maintenance is getting very close.

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