Day 154

I lingered in bed this morning long after I woke up, reveling in the sounds of my boys playing together. This morning there was no fighting. There was the excitement and giddiness that comes when we are all freshly home, together again.

Benjamin felt good during the morning and early afternoon. We kept him hydrated. He ate a proper lunch. He and Banyan swam next door. We invited two of their buddies over to play. It was then that I saw him clutching his stomach, trying to hide the face I know well, the one that comes before the nausea. He had refused Kytril this morning. This time, he accepted.

It worked, and I was glad. We had decided to head out to the beach to catch up with our sweet friends from out of town. We wanted Benji to enjoy it, and he did, very much. We all did. They are friends with whom time and distance don’t matter. We brought Marinol just in case, but Benji didn’t need it. He splashed and swam and ran and ate and swam some more.

We came home late and Benji was achy. He asked to remove the Scopolomine patch, and I acquiesced. He sleeps now.

We struck a good balance today of rest and exercise, healing and play. It’s so good to be home, to soak in the people and places we love.

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