Day 142

I went to bed early and slept in late, so happy to be in my own bed. It was a blissfully normal Saturday. Lunch, birthday party, appliance shopping, neighbor’s pool, stormy trip to the beach, ice cream cones. We have happy boys who are settling in with a movie on a rainy night.

Benjamin’s last dose of Kytril was yesterday afternoon, and he asked to remove his Scopolomine patch this morning. This would leave him unarmed against nausea. I questioned the decision, as he just cleared his methotrexate levels yesterday, but he insisted that he felt great–so I listened. He has had zero nausea and a healthy appetite all day long. The only symptoms Benjamin is experiencing from the high dose methotrexate are a recurring headache that is now recurring much less frequently, and a little bit of mouth pain, though I see no scalloping or sores. He’s taking glutamine, aloe and mouthwash again, and continuing to stay hydrated.

Banyan’s last week of elementary school begins Tuesday. I see no reason that Benjamin can’t join him, and be with his friends for their final week of school. There have only been two days this entire semester in which the cards have aligned to make school suitable for Benjamin. The fact that he can spend these last days in Mrs. West’s classroom fills me with joy.

I know it must have felt incredible for Benjamin to immerse his body into the swimming pool and the ocean today. We’ll be celebrating Michael’s birthday for rest of this long weekend. We’re hoping to return to the beach.

I am so grateful. 

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