Day 554


I’m going to miss this face. So. Much. Our alarms are set for a 4am departure to Chicago.

Banyan’s last day in Sarasota was made a little more challenging by its coincidence with Benji’s steroid pulse kicking into gear. Benji was sharp, impulsive, hungry, tired, and a little more needy than usual. the emotional intensity in the house was dialed up a few notches. Truth be told, I think he’s really going to miss the company of his big brother.

We all are. Banyan’s joy fills this house. I’m so excited for his adventure, and already looking forward to his return.

One thought on “Day 554

  1. I enjoyed seeing the picture of Banyan at a chess set because just yesterday I sent out an article to my feminist list about girls/women playing chess and how few there are and the obstacles they face because it’s been considered a game for boys/men.

    Have a safe trip!

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