Day 547


We arrived in Crystal River today. This place is so beautiful. We’re all so grateful to be here.

Michael’s Uncle Dennis took us out on an afternoon boat cruise. He stopped at a spring where the boys have swam in years past. Michael’s cousin and his son jumped in, but Michael and I made the difficult decision to keep Benji on board, and Banyan for solidarity. It was freshwater and we were concerned about bacteria levels. Benji only complained of ear pain a few times today, ┬ábut that helped solidify the decision.

Benji, of course, was not pleased. He said to me, “You never do things that make me happy.” I know this isn’t true, and I know he knows it too, but it still stung. It’s hard not to take it personally.

Dennis made me feel much better when he told me that the scalloping location for tomorrow is 100% salt water, not brackish. Benji can swim there. We will monitor his ear pain, but I’m optimistic. I’m visualizing him with his sweet face squished by his mask and snorkel, diving down and spying those orange jewels of the sea, collecting them in his mesh bag, just like the other boys.


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